We are a leading advisory firm in digital assets and innovative technology. We advise our clients on licensing, product structuring, economics and capital market structuring.

Advisory Services


Our team has global experience with digital asset licensing across a broad spectrum of leading digital asset jurisdictions that provide licensing for exchange platforms, broker / dealers, asset custodians (both digital and major currencies), Payment Service Providers (PSP), asset management and fund structuring / establishment.

Capital Structuring

Our team specialises in structuring greenfield ventures to build a robust capital structure for investment interface with a broad spectrum of stakeholders. We also structure joint ventures that may facilitate market entry, consolidation within a sector or a collaborative approach that may be project focused.

Metaverse / Web 3

Our team has been on the forefront of several metaverse and web 3 infrastructure projects and is well placed to advise our clients on the appropriate solution that will suit each client’s needs to generate a unique user experience. We work with leading developers in the meta and web 3 sector to provide our clients with a bespoke approach for both development and production.

Digital Asset Advisory

Product Structuring

We work with our clients to understand what their product demography represents and the most suitable instrument to be developed for their specific needs as a digital asset or traditional capital market instrument.


Our team has extensive experience with listing tokens across a broad spectrum of platforms and we work with our clientele to ensure they achieve a successful listing on both centralised and decentralised platforms.

Market Makers & Liquidity Providers

We work with a broad spectrum of market makers and liquidity providers that provide our clients with liquidity at the outset of their listing on both centralised and decentralised platforms.

Economics, Tokenomics & Audit

We work with leading stakeholders in the digital asset marketplace to ensure that our clients economics and/or tokenomics provide for a robust market approach to liquidity, market depth and longevity. We work with firms that provide holistic audits to ensure a cohesive code and security review.

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