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What is Bitfinity?

Bitfinity is a private investment company legally registered in United Kingdom under the full name BITFINITY IO LTD, Company No. 11329617.

What does Bitfinity do?

Our company carries out a number of activities including market trading and innovations. Created as a trading company for earning profits in online currency trading, real estate operations and other trading activities, Bitfinity recently added cryptocurrency, ICO and other operations when blockchain technologies emerged and became popular.

How does Bitfinity earn its profits?

The goal of any trader is to buy at a lower price and sell at a higher price. The difference is the profit. Modern online technologies allow for selling an asset or a currency at highs and then buying it at lows, thus we can sell before we buy and our profit potential doubles! To maximize our profits, we accept private investments through this website.

Where is Bitfinity located?

Bitfinity's legal address is 10 BRESSENDEN PL LONDON UNITED KINGDOM SW1E 5DH.

How to make an investment?

If you haven't created an account at our website, please create one, then log in, go to the investing page by clicking on INVEST button. Select the investment plan, input the amount you would like to invest, select the payment method which is the best for you and clikc the MAKE INVESTMENT button. Then confirm your deposit data and make the payment. Your deposit will be created automatically as soon as we receive your payment.

How much can I invest?

You can deposit any amount from $25 to $80000.

Can I create a few deposits?

Yes, you can make as many deposits as you like - either at once or in periods.

What payment methods are available?

We accept PerfectMoney, Advanced Cash, Bitcoin and Payeer. Please note that cryptocurrencies will be converted into US dollars, so you will be receiving fiat interest disregarding the cryptocurrency price at the settlement times.

Can I use a debit or credit card to invest?

We are planning to add this payment method, but currently card payments are not available. However, you can use the available payment methods to topup your wallet by card and then invest.

How to invest if I'm not using any of the available payment options?

You can create a wallet in any of the available payment systems and top it up. It is very easy and free of charge. Just go to one of these websites to create a wallet:,, and

What should I do if the deposit amount was written off from my wallet and my deposit wasn't created?

If you are using a cryptocurrency to deposit, you should wait about an hour for transaction confirmations to come. Otherwise, please contact our support service and pass your username, deposit amount, payment method, transaction identifier and approximate time of the failed transaction (please pass the GMT time or indicate your time zone, e. g. GMT+5). Our specialists will check your transaction and create your deposit manually.

What is a business day and a calendar day?

A calendar day is any day including weekends and holidays. A business day is any day except weekends (usually Saturday and Sunday) and holidays. If you are investing in the MOST PROFITABLE plan, you will not be receiving repayments on weekends and holidays (e. g. Christmas or New Year). It means that your deposit time of 28 business days will take about 40 calendar days.

Will I get back my deposit amount?

Your deposit amount is included in the final repayment or the sum of repayments. It means that if you invest $1000 in the MOST POPULAR plan, you will receive $1080 in five calendar days. The amount consists of your deposit of $1000 and your profit of $80. The same rules work for the MOST PROFITABLE plan.

What amount can I withdraw in one go?

You can request withdrawal of any amount without restrictions.

How soon will I get my withdrawal?

All withdrawal requests are processed manually and usually take a few minutes, but if we get too many requests or our website systems undergo maintenance or improvement, the withdrawal can take a longer time, up to 24 hours.

Which payment method is used for withdrawal?

The payment method of your deposit. You may not invest via one payment method and request withdrawal to another.

What can I do if my withdrawal is pending too long?

First of all, make sure your request is not canceled. If not, check our news, perhaps, you have missed an earlier update. Or contact the support to find out the reason of the delay. Please note that in case of unscheduled maintenance the support is receiving very many requests, so be patient and don't resend your messages.

Do I have to invest to benefit from the affiliate program?

No, you can earn affiliate rewards when you have no active deposits and you can earn interest on your deposit without referring anyone. Affiliate program is an option to increase your main earnings and you can decide whether to use it or not.

Are affiliate rewards withdrawable?

Yes, your rewards are added to your account balance and you can invest or withdraw them at once.

Who can I refer to Bitfinity?

Any people of legal age in their countries.

Can I use spam to attract people to Bitfinity?

Sending spam (unsolicited ads) is a bad behavior and Bitfinity is strictly against any spamming. If an investor is proved to send spam, his or her account may be suspended for an indefinite time. So please use only socially acceptable ways to share the word of Bitfinity.

Is the Bitfinity website and underlying systems properly protected?

Yes, we are using the best hardware and software to ensure maximum protection against hacker, DDoS and other malicious actions.

What should I do if somebody else got access to my account?

First of all, change your password, if possible, and increase the security level on the security settings page of your account. If you lost access to your account and can't restore it with the standard password recovery function, contact the support to get further instructions.

How quickly does the support respond to requests?

The time of response depends on the time of the day and current situation on the website. If there are no visible technical issues, you can get a reply within a few minutes. If the website isn't functioning normally or is down due to unscheduled maintenance or external impacts, the support may be receiving great numbers of messages from other investors, so you will have to wait your turn.

What can I do if I haven't found the answer to my question?

Please address your problem to the support and give as many details as you can. Try to avoid questions which can make the support to ask for additional data regarding your issue. Every question - answer cycle takes time, so it is to your benefit to provide all data regarding your problem in your first message.